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Located in Tacoma, WA! The most magical immersive princess experience in the PNW! The perfect place to host a princess party! Inclusive packages with dress up, makeovers, a tea party and more! 



                                  Be a guest at your own party!

                    Experience the fun without the stress.

    When you hire NOVEL, you aren’t just getting beautiful decorations, you are getting a complete party package. We handle every detail: designing the décor, inviting guests, planning the activities and menu, ensuring the party runs smoothly and post-party cleanup; leaving you                                                                                     to fully experience the moment with your special guests.

From children's birthdays to adults', engagements to babies and holidays to retirement- NOVEL Party Planning is with you through all life's special moments. Our parties leave a lasting impression on your heart that you will cherish forever.









A Festival of Dance believes that children learn best through a playful, creative environment. We make learning, dance, and theatre fun and exciting through the use of stories, costumes, dancing props, and instruments. It is our goal to preserve childhood as long as possible by fostering children’s imagination and creativity! 

We are a non-competitive, non-recital focused studio, that introduces children to the love of dance, and plants the seed for a lifelong love and appreciation of the arts.

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